TYSA in the Schools

We believe that every student has the right to a transformative music education. Through free school visits, partnerships with local educators, and free community concerts, TYSA reaches thousands of youth across the South Sound region every year.

String Orchestra Festival

Each March the Tacoma Youth Symphony Association sponsors an orchestra festival for Middle School and Junior High School orchestras.

School Tours

School tours are offered in two unique settings within the schools: a whirlwind tour of in-school performances presented by one of our high school groups, and a side-by-side concert experience for middle school students.

Discover Music

In these free community concerts, the Tacoma Youth Symphony provides thousands of fourth graders with their first symphony orchestra experience. These young musicians-in-the-making explore the different instrument families of the orchestra through music from their favorite movies and Prokofiev’s delightful storytelling work Peter and the Wolf.

School Coaching Sessions

As a free offering to our community, TYSA’s conductors and staff schedule visits year-round to engage with teachers and students in a variety of ways ranging from conductor clinics to double bass, horn, and saxophone coaching. Schedule a visit today! 

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Help Us Continue Transforming Lives

Whether you donate, volunteer, or sponsor, your contribution will help us continue to provide the highest quality music education and preserve a rich cultural experience.

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