Concert Attire

TYSA concert dress code is transitioning to “concert black” for all performances.

All TYSA students are asked to choose the components of their concert black attire within the following guidelines:

  • solid black long-sleeve dress shirt or long-sleeve blouse (no low necklines or backless choices)
  • solid black dress pants, slacks, skirt, or dress (skirt length must be floor length)
  • please wear a black belt with your pants/slacks if needed.
  • black socks or black opaque stockings/tights
  • black dress shoes (heels are not recommended, particularly for musicians who stand to perform)

Please note: TYSA students are also permitted to wear the white tuxedo shirt/black slacks/skirt, tuxedo attire, or Angelique dress from previous years if preferred.

Please do not wear:

  • black jeans or leggings
  • T-shirts or tank tops
  • sneakers or black shoes with colored stripes or logos
  • white socks or colored socks other than solid black

Any questions about concert attire? Please contact the TYSA office at 253-627-2792.


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