At TYSA, we empower young musicians and challenge them to joyfully pursue excellence – artistically and beyond.

We know you want to see your child discover their fullest potential. So do we! For over 60 years, we’ve seen the transformation that mastering a classical instrument does for a young person’s confidence. 

But too often young people aren’t able to receive the support and training they need to make that a reality. Maybe their instruction needs a step up, or perhaps they’re struggling to connect with their peers at school. At TYSA, we provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for your child to blossom not just as a musician, but as a person—because every young person is worth our full investment to become all they can be. We have over 60 years of experience guiding students to their full potential! 

We want you to nail your concert performance AND find joy in music. We want you to focus and grow during rehearsals AND make unforgettable friendships. And we want you to master your instruments AND grow into the future leader you’re meant to be. 

Join us and fill out an application form today! 

Find out more about what TYSA is all about:

Benefits of a TYSA education: 

  • the joy of playing music with excellence
  • the satisfaction of nailing a performance
  • the camaraderie of playing with others as excited about music as you
  • the friendships that result from hours spent rehearsing together
  • the chance to play at historic venues
  • the confidence that comes from mastering an instrument
  • the ability to list a reputable and attractive extracurricular on a college application
  • the lifelong leadership lessons you learn from being part of an advanced ensemble


Help Us Continue Transforming Lives

Whether you donate, volunteer, or sponsor, your contribution will help us continue to provide the highest quality music education and preserve a rich cultural experience.

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