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Over 60 years of symphonic education and performance that transforms young lives and enriches communities.

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Our programs are designed to be inclusive, fun, and challenging for young musicians to help them become all they can be – as an artist and as a person. At TYSA, you’ll find a second home among a supportive family who are deeply invested in your growth and success.


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Cultural Experience, Rooted in Community

Experience a new generation of musicians paying homage to the great classics in an epic symphonic performance. This is where the magic happens – and you can be part of it!



TYSA and Friends Music Walk: Jul. 10, 2024

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TYSA-Hammond Ashley Bass Workshop Final Concert: Jul. 12, 2024

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EMF Session 2 Chamber Music Concert: July 19, 2024

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EMF Session 2 Final Concert: July 20, 2024

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EMF Session 1 Final Concert: Jul. 26, 2024

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Summer Jazz Orchestra Final Concert: Aug. 4, 2024

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You Are The Symphony

Join TYSA and get the exciting opportunity to make friends with similar passions, create lifelong memories, perform in amazing venues across the US, and be part of something that will shape you forever.

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Together, We Create One Sound

For over sixty years, the Tacoma Youth Symphony Association has been nationally recognized and respected for its exemplary musical education and artistic excellence. By using classical music as a common language, we bring diverse communities together and give youth skills they can take into any profession, anywhere in life. Though rooted in the tradition of classical music, we also create an environment that’s inclusive, playful, and daring!


Help Us Continue Transforming Lives

Whether you donate, volunteer, or sponsor, your contribution will help us continue to provide the highest quality music education and preserve a rich cultural experience.

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