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Attention Music Educators, the Tacoma Youth Symphony Association offers..

Discover Music Concerts for 4th and 5th graders-

Scheduled for February 4, 2022

Tacoma Young Artist Orchestra performances in schools

String Orchestra Festival for middle & junior high school orchestras

Scheduled for March 25, 2022

Tacoma String Philharmonia side-by-side performances in schools

Conductor & music specialist visits in schools

For more information see below…

TYS and TYAO Retreats:  The annual retreats for TYS and TYAO provide time for intense rehearsals for the fall concerts and sight-reading for future concerts.  There is also social time for the students.

Educator Night at the Museum:  During the first week of October, a networking event is put on by local non-profit organizations to connect with local teachers.  Over 500 teachers attend the event annually.

TYAO School Tour:  During the last week of October, the Tacoma Young Artists Orchestra presents a school concert for 3-4 schools in a one-day whirlwind tour across the South Puget Sound region.  They perform music from their Costume Concert repertoire.  Please contact Dr. Anna Jensen at if you wish for your school to be considered for a future tour stop.

TJYS at Victorian Country Christmas:  On the first Friday or Saturday of December, the Tacoma Junior Youth Symphony performs a run-out concert at the Puyallup Fairground’s annual Victorian Country Christmas.  This concert is a special event for all the members of the orchestra.  It is a wonderful opportunity for TJYS to practice performing for their upcoming concert and to perform for the community of Puyallup.

Brass Choir at the Festival of the Trees:  On the first Saturday of December, the TYSA Brass Choir performs a run-out concert at Tacoma’s annual Festival of Trees.  This concert benefits Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.  It is a great way for the Tacoma Youth Symphony Association to give back to its community.

TSO Masterclasses:  On the first Saturday of January, the Principal and assistant-principal musicians from the Tacoma Symphony join TYSA students for a day of masterclasses, workshops and technique classes.  Masterclass performers are selected from TYS and TYAO students, however the classes are open to other TYSA members and the public.

Chamber Music Concert:  This is a recital highlighting selected small group ensembles from each orchestra’s leaders, held at Immanuel Presbyterian Church.

TYS Discover Music Concert:  On the first Friday of February, this popular concert is presented for packed houses of elementary school students.  As you make plans for this school year we would like to invite you and your fourth grade classes to the Tacoma Youth Symphony Discover Music Concert conducted by Dr. Paul-Elliott Cobbs.  The most advanced orchestra, the Tacoma Youth Symphony, presents two concerts (9:30-10:20 & 11:30-12:20) at the Urban Grace Church in downtown Tacoma.  The program features Peter and the Wolf and a few shorter kid-friendly pieces selected from the movies or cartoons.  Students love this!

The Tacoma Youth Symphony Association is a non-profit organization.  We are not able to provide transportation, however we are pleased to offer you these concerts free of charge.  Please contact Dr. Anna Jensen at for more information.                        

String Orchestra Festival: Held on the last Friday of March, since 1982 the Tacoma Youth Symphony Association and the Washington State Arts Commission have sponsored the String Orchestra Festival.  It provides a day to share and enjoy music together in a non-competitive environment.  It is not a contest, and no ratings are given.  Each participating school receives a plaque to display in its orchestra room.  The festival day is divided into 8 tracks of approximately 4 to 6 schools or approximately 110 to 250 students each. These tracks, called “Festival Orchestras”, are color-coded and stay together for all activities throughout the day.  Contact Dr. Anna Jensen at if you wish to receive more information.
Each school will get to participate in the following activities during the Festival:

  • Play in a color-coded mass orchestra conducted by a TYSA conductor.  This “Festival Orchestra” will not present a formal performance.  Parents and interested listeners are invited to watch the rehearsal.
  • Listen to performances of other schools
  • Hear a string quartet comprised of principal players in the Tacoma Youth Symphony.
  • Play a short program of your choice.  Each school will be allotted 15 minutes to setup, tune, and play.  Performances are not required, but strongly encouraged.  Groups often perform with as few as 10 students and as many as 65.

TSS at Merrill Gardens in Tacoma:  The TSS performs at Merrill Gardens, Tacoma.  This community run-out concert gives the students an opportunity to share their music with the community while preparing for their upcoming concert.

TSP School Tour & Side-by-side:  The TSP spends a day with the string students of a local school.  Each class period, TSP performs for the string students and then joins the students for a combined piece.  This is a great way for our students to practice performing and to inspire other young musicians in our region.

Throughout the Year
School Workshops and Outreach:  The TYSA conductors and staff are out in a different school each and every week working side-by-side with teachers and students.  We are available for school visits year round.  School visits can range from a workshop with Dr. Paul Cobbs, a guest appearance by Mrs. Karla Epperson, a french horn clinic by Ms. Liz Ward or double bass sectionals by Dr. Anna Jensen.  Please let us know if you wish to have one of our fabulous conductors or staff visit your classroom.  Email for more information.

If you have further questions, please call Dr. Anna Jensen at (253) 627-2792 or write her at:

Dr. Anna Jensen, Education Specialist
Tacoma Youth Symphony Association
901 Broadway, Suite 500
Tacoma, WA 98402-4415

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