2022 Evergreen Music Festival App

To attend the 2022 Evergreen Music Festival please fill out the application below.

  1. Complete and submit the online application below.
  2. After submitting your application print out the Remittance form found here.
  3. Mail in your Remittance Form with your full payment or deposit. In order to secure your place, submit your application, non-refundable deposit and Remittance Form. Deposit will be applied to your tuition. Your registration is not complete until we receive your deposit or full payment, application and Remittance Form.
  4. Session II wind players need to submit a placement recording. Links to excerpts and instructions are below:


Session I

Tuition $395 ($100 deposit) Balance Due July 15th

Session II

Tuition $595 ($200 deposit) Balance Due July 15th


Session I

Pacific Lutheran University

Session II

University of Puget Sound


Before submitting application click below to read student guidelines

Session 1 Guidelines

Session 2 Guidelines

Post Acceptance Packet

After receiving acceptance communication, click below for your post application packet.

Session 1

​Session 2​

Session II Woodwind Players

Create a recording for placement purposes.

DUE DATE: July 1

State your name, age and school at the beginning.  Include a performance of the appropriate excerpt provided below.​

Letter to All Woodwinds

Flute Excerpt

Oboe Excerpt

Clarinet Excerpt

Bassoon Excerpt

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